Friday, September 9, 2016

Vitacost & Topical Gluten!

My apologies for not blogging sooner!  I thought I had blogged in August, but in reviewing my blog I see I am mistaken.  I did write up a draft in August, but it never got published.  It's about my love of essential oils, but I don't think I'll publish it, not that version of it anyways.  I still adore essential oils, but some things have really changed in regards to that.  But I suppose some things are better left unsaid. Anyways.......

I've been trying hard to get to a point where EVERYTHING I use is gluten free.  

It's proved to be much harder than I had first thought.

I would go to a store & try to figure out which products were gluten free.  This was hard & time consuming--especially with my young son at my side.

I would search online & find products listed as gluten free--often to find later on that some of them really aren't.

I would email companies inquiring if their products were gluten free.  The responses varied.  Some companies tried to convince me that topical gluten (not ingested but used on the skin/hair/etc) wouldn't harm me.  Most said they had no idea if they were gluten free or not.  And some said they were, but when I tried their products I hated them.

This was a much harder task than I ever imagined.  I have very difficult hair--it's wild & likes to frizz.  Most natural products do not work for my hair.  In fact, most drug store varieties of hair products don't even work for my hair.  I have always used high end hair products, but most aren't gluten free or don't know if they are or aren't.

I was getting ready to start trying to make my own hair conditioner when I finally stumbled upon a shampoo & conditioner at the health food store that were labeled gluten free.  Even better--they actually worked pretty well on my hair!!  It was then that I remembered Vitacost.  In the past we've ordered from them off & on, mostly for vitamins, but I know they carry much more than vitamins.  So I looked it up & found the shampoo & conditioner I had just bought was half the price on Vitacost!!

I continued browsing on their website & found most of the products we buy are cheaper at Vitacost!  I decided to start ordering all of our shelf stable items from Vitacost.  It will save us money & it's usually delivered the day after I order!!  And when I do go grocery shopping I can be in & out of the store much faster!!  This is a total win in my opinion!!

One more bonus of Vitacost: this is a BIG one in my book!  They have filters, several of them.  But my favorite is the gluten free one.  So I can search for soap & then filter for gluten free!  Now I don't have to search through millions of soaps, trying to figure out which ones are or aren't gluten free.  I only have to look at the gluten free soaps.  THIS has made my life so much easier.

I seriously can't say enough good things about this company.

Oh!  And about the topical gluten?  Since switching ALL my products to gluten free with the help of Vitacost, my horrendous acne that NOTHING could get rid of is magically clearing up!!  THAT is priceless in my book!

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