Thursday, July 14, 2016


While I do try to focus on gluten & health related topics, this blog post does reflect MY life.  And a huge part of my life is homeschooling my son.  We have 3 years under our belts so far and will be starting up our 4th year very soon!

I've used Heart of Dakota curriculum each year & absolutely love it.  Last year I added on a couple of things (Spanish, art, & Bible study) & this year I'm adding on those same things plus a couple more new things (another art & visual perceptual skills)!  And there's a lot more books & a lot more involved this year than there was last year.  So far each year has taken longer to complete than the previous year.  This year I do think I will need to schedule some breaks into our school time.  Last year I was iffy about this & did it when I saw it was needed, but it wasn't needed every day.  I was very casual about it.  But this year I'm quite sure we'll be needing breaks on a regular basis.  I'm just not sure how many & how long......I will have to play it by ear.  The first 2 weeks are always a period of adjustment & learning as we find our groove, so to speak.

At times homeschooling can be a lot of work.  I've been preparing stuff like crazy recently, trying to get ready for the big day of kicking off the new school year!  Life has been super busy with this, but I still enjoy it so much.  I honestly couldn't imagine NOT homeschooling my son.  I love it & so does he.

In addition to schooling at home, he does swimming & karate.  These are both year round & great activities for him.  And once a week I try to have a "fun day" where we break from school work & do something fun & active--it could be having a play date with friends or going to the zoo or a museum, etc, etc.

That's all for now, I hope to have another blog post coming soon.  :)

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