Friday, October 28, 2016

My Nima Sensor has arrived!!

As usual life has been crazy busy & October is almost over & this is my first blog post of the month......but I have very exciting news to share!!

I received money last month for my birthday & it was right before the cut off for the Nima Sensor pre-order.

I've been following this product for a very long time now.

And I had been debating for a long time whether or not I should get one.  The pre orders actually began last year!

In the end, with birthday money in hand, I decided yes, mostly for my son's sake.  My son & I both have celiac.  And he is only 7, he has his whole life ahead of him & I felt this could really help him so much.

So far I've only tested one item: Cadia organic pinto beans.  I've had issues with beans, they tend to be on equipment shared with wheat quite often.  This is one brand I haven't had issues with, but I have wondered.  Just because you don't have symptoms doesn't always mean it's totally gluten free & isn't causing damage to your intestines.

That is one reason I am excited to get a Nima.  It tests for anything above 20 PPM, which is the legally recognized limit.  I react often to products that are certified gluten free, but are on equipment shared with wheat.  I have always wanted to know--are those products really below 20 PPM?  Or are they above & aren't being monitored carefully enough?  The Nima will help me answer that question.  (Personally my guess is that they are above 20 PPM, there are many products out there that are labeled gluten free & have been tested & proven to be way over the limit, although I have yet to see proof of this for a product that is certified gluten free.)

There are plenty of Nima-naysayers that complain that another part of your plate that you didn't test could have gluten on it & the Nima would miss it & you'd still get sick.  Yes, this is true.  Much like when doctors do biopsies for cancer & other things.  They can be right next to it, but if they don't get the right spot then you get a false result.  So yes, this is true, BUT it's still far better than nothing in my opinion.  To each their own I say.  If you don't think it will benefit you, then don't purchase one.  But I do think it will benefit my son & I greatly.  There are so many things I just pass on out of fear.  Now I could test those things instead & maybe be able to partake.

As it is so far, when we eat in a restaurant it's a total crap shoot.  Maybe we get sick & maybe we don't.  With the Nima we actually have a chance at catching the gluten & not getting sick.

It's also hard for so many to believe that cross contamination is so serious & that such a tiny amount makes such a big difference.  You can't see gluten with your eye.  You can't prove whether it's there or not & people often think it's all in your head.  With the Nima you now have actual proof.

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