Friday, December 11, 2015

Using Collagen & Gelatin for gut healing

If you have gluten issues, no matter the cause (celiac, gluten sensitivity, allergy, etc), you probably have gut damage.  It can be challenging to heal.  Here is an amazing way to facilitate that healing that I have found.

I have absolutely fallen in <3 LOVE <3 with Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides & Gelatin.

So here's the scoop:  these are both fabulous for healing your gut (& for lots of other things!! but we'll get to that later!  I promise!).  But if you do have gut issues you should really start with the Collagen Peptides first & once you are tolerating this well then you can use Gelatin.

Basically the Collagen Peptides are "cooked" or "predigested" Gelatin.  So it makes it easier to digest & it's gentler on the gut.

Personally I had to start with 1/8 teaspoon of Collagen Peptides each day.  And then I slowly worked my way up to the full scoop in the container, which is one heaping Tablespoon.  The full recommended amount is a scoop once or twice daily.

Once you can tolerate the full scoop of Collagen Peptides then feel free to use the Gelatin.  Personally I didn't have any issues tolerating the Gelatin after I had gradually worked my way into the Collagen Peptides.

These days I personally consume more of the Collagen Peptides, but my son consumes more of the Gelatin.  I have a scoop of Collagen Peptides every morning, in a mug of bone broth (if I have it on hand) or tea (if I don't have any bone broth on hand--note to self, must acquire MORE bones!!).  With lunch I usually take an empty capsule & fill it with Gelatin & take it as a pill, although it's not a full scoop I do still get some into me.  I sometimes get a second scoop of Collagen Peptides later in the day.

The Collagen Peptides dissolve very easily in hot liquids.  It can also be dissolved in cold liquids, but you need to add it slowly & mix it in well if it's cold.  Gelatin gels so it needs to be used a little differently than the Collagen Peptides.  You can put it in a drink, but you need to drink it quickly or else it will gel up.  I personally have some serious texture issues & jello has always been one that I cannot tolerate, so I have to be creative at finding ways to get it into my diet.  I'm still working on this.  And in the meantime I just consume Collagen Peptides instead, which is a fabulous option.

For my son I make home-made gummy bears.  He calls them "cubby buddies".  I also got a heart shaped mold.  So now he eats gummy bears & gummy hearts each morning.  I usually eat one or two of them, but I'm not a big "gummy" fan either.  And often he will go back for more during the day.  He loves them!!  And I love them because I can sneak other healthy stuff into them for him!  But that's a whole other blog post that I will be getting to!!  And as I find other ways to incorporate these great products I will be sharing in future blog posts as well.  :)

Personally I use & recommend Vital Proteins brand for these products.  They are made from pastured, grass fed & grass finished cows in Brazil.  The quality is amazing of these products.

Another bonus for using these as a protein source is that when you eat most other protein sources--namely animal meats--they contain tryptophan & cysteine.  These 2 amino acids can cause an inflammatory response in our bodies.  And inflammation, especially CHRONIC inflammation (even at low levels) can cause all sorts of health issues.  The Collagen Peptides & Gelatin do not contain those amino acids.  There is a full listing of the amino acids they do contain & the amounts they contain of each of them on the label.  I used to use a grass fed whey protein in a shake to get my protein but I honestly find this to be such a better protein source than even whey.  It's also totally fat free & very low calorie.

There are also other benefits--your hair, skin, & nails will love it too!  Not to mention your joints!

So if you have gut health issues or joint pain or are just looking for a good protein source--I highly recommend giving these a try!

I will definitely be sharing more about these wonderful products in future blog posts.

Just a final word to any vegetarians & vegans reading this: there is truly no vegetarian or vegan alternative for this.  Agar does gel like gelatin does, but it does not contain the same health benefits.  I've heard there are some fish collagen options out there, but I honestly don't know the quality of them or how they compare.  (fish is very questionable in my opinion, due to fukushima, pollution, & farmed fish)  I personally was a vegetarian for 10 years in my younger years & I was a vegan for about a year just a few years ago.  I personally did not benefit health-wise from following those diets, BUT we are all different--there isn't ONE perfect diet that works for all of us.

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